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"Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

- John F. Kennedy

Being agile means being prepared for change. It means having the insight to detect and acknowledge change; it means having the capabilities to respond to change at a moment's notice; and it means having the infrastructure that can support the change without having to throw away everything and starting over. It is a fact that businesses change faster than their information systems. For this reason, infrastructure has to be made adaptive by focusing on platforms, practices and services.

Adaptive technology means avoiding too much focus on technology. Instead, the focus is on its flexibility for supporting the changing business needs. A practical implication is to cloud-source where feasible.

Adaptive workforce means creating a collaborative environment rather than relying on individual endeavours. Adaptive process is using LEAN and Agile methodologies. Adaptive leadership mobilizes people to tackle the change and thrive.

Agile development methodology can bring a dynamic set of priorities, supported by iterative development, testing and rollout.

Reliance on patterns becomes a powerful strategy. By identifying and creating a series of reusable infrastructure patterns, you can be prepared to propose solutions that are faster, cheaper, and better for your changing business need.

Incorporating trial and error is a critical piece. One approach that can be considered is to first deliver a minimal viable product, and seek continuous feedback and improvement.

Designs can orientate around services. It is important how you define your internal and external services, especially those that are delivered through technology. Having reusable services that applications can share efficiently is the key element that will make your infrastructure more adaptive and agile. An adaptive infrastructure is better implemented as services that are reusable and immune from the affects of other services through well-defined boundaries.

Technology project teams are increasingly adopting agile practices. 'Agile' is a set of values, principles, techniques and frameworks for the adaptable, incremental and efficient delivery of work. They can be applied to any type of work including finance, sales, HR, marketing, corporate strategy, leadership, and more.

Agile Methods


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