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"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."

- Sun Tzu

A common vision is essential to bring about significant change. A clear vision helps to direct, align and inspire actions. Your change should be guided by your vision. A common, well-articulated vision not just guides your change, keeps your decision makers on the same page, and is adaptable in the face of unexpected change. It should also seek change as a necessary ingredient for business continuity.

Regardless, the most important steps is to articulate a clear vision, involving all major the stakeholders, and as early as possible. Our analyst can work with you to further refine and clarify your vision for change, in the light of various internal and external challenges, and involving insights from your key business stakeholders.

A vision delivers a consistent message about the need for change. However, adaptive visionaries recognize that the definition of clarity is not necessarily a 20/20 vision of the future steps; clarity is to understand the overall volatility and its many triggers. These leaders recognize adaptability as a key ingredient to implementing the vision being set forth.

A truly adaptive vision is not just aligned within the organization but is aligned with the organic fabric its industry, its customers, its environment, and its overall collective conscience. This insulates the enterprise from taking turns that may sacrifice long-term profitability, continuity, and stability for short-term gains.

To build truly adaptive infrastructure, technology planners must have a clear understanding of the business strategy, and how the business initiative(s) map to the infrastructure patterns, and the key business drivers.



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